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Ditch the treadmill, grab your racquet, and get your heart pumping with Cardio Tennis!

Cardio Tennis is Tennis Australia’s group tennis and fitness class, where the emphasis is less on tennis technique and more about getting a great cardio workout. It’s perfect for adults of any age/tennis skill level. While Cardio Tennis still incorporates many tennis drills and activities, it’s the combination of these drills with cardio bursts and aerobic exercise that gives participants a fantastic all-round cardio workout.

Set to high energy music, Cardio Tennis is truly the next big thing in group fitness and is sure to be just as rewarding as and much more enjoyable than a regular gym workout. There are multiple days and times on offer, with each session running for one hour.

60 Minutes | $230 for the term or $25 on a casual visit   

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Casual bookings can only be made within 24 hours of the Cardio Tennis session (if spots are available) by calling our Pro Shop on 3214 3800.

*Payments can be made by direct debit with both fortnightly and quarterly payment options; alternatively, upfront credit card payments are also available. Transaction fees are payable on both options (see the registration page for details).

$39 for the 2021 Club Membership is payable for all coaching and fixture players.

By enrolling in our classes, you are committing to a service contract for a complete term and agreeing to the QTC Policies.

Please note, classes will be held as per schedule only if a minimum number of players are enrolled in the class.

For more information, call (07) 3214 3800 or email

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