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The Queensland Tennis Centre provides children and teenagers aged 3.5 to 16 years with high quality tennis coaching programs, which suit any standard from beginner to aspiring pro. Our junior group coaching classes ensure students receive personalised attention to maximise their skill development.

The friendly and nationally accredited coaches at the Queensland Tennis Centre are proud deliverers of our junior coaching development pathway. This is aligned with Tennis Australia’s ANZ Hot Shots philosophy of using modified courts and balls to give children the chance to serve, rally, and score from the early stages of their tennis development.

Hot Shots Blue

3.5-5 Years | 30 Minutes | Mini Court | 1:6 Ratio


Hot Shots Blue lessons are the youngest program offered to our players, available to children from the age of 3.5. These lessons are a great way for children to develop coordination and improve fundamental motor skills. The lessons contain activates that help children to develop basic motor skills, balance, movement and ball tracking skills in a fun imaginative way. All activities done throughout the lesson, work on skills that are aimed at furthering tennis ability.

$20 per week*

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 Red Squad

5-8 Years | 45 Minutes | Mini Court | 1:6 Ratio


Hot Shots Red Squads are a great introduction to tennis, teaching kids the fundamentals of tennis in a fun, play-based environment. Players will learn through interactive games, focused on developing throwing, catching, ball tracking, movement and ball striking. All lessons contain element of cooperative play to maximize participation and to give the players plenty of opportunities to practise their new skills during the lessons. Red ball players will learn about where to hit the ball on the court as well as a focus on rallying. Red ball players will get to learn all the strokes needed to play tennis such as forehand, backhand, volley and serve.

$23 per week*

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Orange Squad

7-10 Years | 45 Minutes | 3/4 Court | 1:6 Ratio


Hot Shots Orange Squads are the first level that has our players playing over a full size net on a modified court. Orange ball lessons focus on the basic ground stroke fundamentals and start to introduce different spins. All orange ball lessons contain technical and tactical aspects and introduce rallies to players. This will get them playing the sport as soon as possible and offer players the opportunity to practise the skills learnt throughout the lessons. A large focus is placed on teaching players how to serve and encouraging them to participate in Match Play and/or Junior Fixtures, which are offered at the club.

$23 per week*

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Green Squad

9 – 12 Years | 45 Minutes | Full Court | 1:6 Ratio


Hot Shots Green Squads have our developing players playing on a full size tennis court, over a slightly lower net. Green ball lessons cater for all players, whether they have been through the Hot Shots pathway or just starting out on the fundamental basics of ground strokes. Players will work on enhancing their skills some of which may include topspin and slice. By this stage in a player’s development we focus on incorporating technical and tactical knowledge and rallies into all lessons. We also encourage our green ball players to participate in weekly Match Play and/or Junior Fixtures.

$23 per week*

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Teen Squad

12 – 17 Years | 60 Minutes | Full Court | 1:6 Ratio


This program is tailored towards those who have limited tennis experience but also ranges all the way up to the more competitive player. Grading is an ongoing process throughout the term, making it easy to cater for any level of player. Stronger players will learn to adapt their abilities to suit all tennis environments (e.g. tournament surfaces & how to read other players) while looking to heighten their decision-making abilities in a competitive match. All players learn to play both singles and doubles formats, highlighting tactics and strategy. As a minimum, players are strongly recommended to play Friday Night Fixtures.

$27 per week*

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Junior fixtures are a great way to show off skills from coaching through match play with players of a similar ability! For more information or to enrol for fixtures, click here.

Junior Development Pathway

For a PDF version of our pathway, click here.

*Payments can be made by direct debit with both fortnightly and quarterly payment options; alternatively, upfront credit card payments are also available. Transaction fees are payable on both options (see the registration page for details).

$39 for the 2021 Club Membership is payable for all coaching and fixture players.

By enrolling in our classes, you are committing to a service contract for a complete term and agreeing to the QTC Policies.

Please note, classes will be held as per schedule only if a minimum number of players are enrolled in the class.

For more information, call (07) 3214 3800 or email bookings@qldtc.com.au

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